Toilet and bathroom renovation

You can update the appearance of the functional premises of the apartment yourself. If the repair of the bathroom and toilet is associated with redevelopment, replacement of pipes, improvement of the ventilation system, then it is advisable to entrust the work to a professional....

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Repair of washing machines

Nowadays, no housewife can do without a washing machine. But even this unusual and such irreplaceable technique can suddenly become unusable or simply break down. And then you need to think about how to carry out high-quality repairs of such equipment so that this...

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Repair of a plastic window handle

Modern plastic windows have a complex structure, so they can only be repaired if the damage is minor. For example, the stroke of the handle has become tight, the handle does not immediately respond to pressing - this means that dust, dirt, foreign objects...

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Repair of broken lamp | Construction

When your lamp starts blinking or completely stops burning, then before repairing the entire lamp completely, you should check the lamp on the lamp where you think it works.  If the light bulb does not work on the working lamp either, then you should...

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Repair of pumping equipment

Pumps are presented on the market with a variety of models that differ in their purpose and scope of use. The line of units is represented by horizontal and centrifugal, oil, chemical, cantilever, artesian, submersible and other models. They also classify self-priming devices, for...

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Modular stairs

One of the most popular types of stairs today is the modular type of stairs. Like any modular product, these stairs are characterized by ease of assembly and disassembly. Also, almost everyone can assemble some of these products on their own. Stairs in St....

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